I Love to Talk & Play

Since starting my performance career at 13 years old my career has evolved from performing to speaking in front of audiences.

Keynote topics have included:

  1. Neuroscience

    The brain is weird. I like to speak on synesthesia, consciousness, how we see the world, and what this means for our every day lives.

  2. Tech

    Let's talk about javascript platforms and ruby! I'm constantly on the lookout for the newest and greatest coding stacks to use in my projects. I'll tell you some cool tips, tricks, and where we are on the bleeding edge of technology.

  3. Vision

    Vision is the cornerstone of my career! I learned a lot of lessons with co-founding Hova Labs and through my music career that I love to share.

  4. Creative solutions for good

    We are seeing a trend where music programs are systematically underfunded. However, these same schools are recieving STEM grants with 3D printers. Why not 3D print your music program? My Hovalin project does just that!

Organizations I've worked with:


Let’s nerd out on music and science.

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